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Oxford Futures Breakfast Meeting

LCMB MD John O’Brien and Professor Rajat Gupta from the Oxford Brookes Low Carbon Buildings Group presented an update on the WLP+ project and research on productivity in office buildings. Click here to view the LCMB presentation and click here for the OBU presentation.



WLP+ Featured in CIBSE Journal – January 2017

The CIBSE Journal is the leading publication for building services engineers and related professionals. The article, featured in the January 2017 edition, describes the the WLP+ research and talks about the work taking place with EMCOR UK and NATS, and how findings will benefit industry. Click here to read the full article.

 Productivity Paper

 Improving Productivity: The Impact of Buildings and Indoor Environments

Indoor environmental conditions of offices have been shown to influence productivity through both ambient conditions such as temperature and lighting, and air quality pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, particulate matters and carbon dioxide. Despite this knowledge, optimising conditions to facilitate a more productive workplace is challenging, and as yet there are no clearly defined parameters that can produce optimised conditions in a range of office environments. Download PDF to read on…


 Delivering Built Asset Operational Excellence

Built assets are typically the largest investments made by both public and private sector clients. In the past Constructing Excellence has made a priority of examining how outcome-value can be locked into the briefing, design, construction and commissioning of buildings and infrastructure. In this report we summarise an approach to delivering more value during the operational phase of buildings, based on lessons learnt, insights and tips shared by major construction clients and Constructing Excellence members. Download PDF to read on…